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1. Kim, Soo Jin; Thomann, Isabell; Park, Junghyun; Kang, Ju-Hyung; Vasudev, Alok P; Brongersma, Mark L: Light trapping for solar fuel generation with Mie resonances. In: Nano letters, 14 (3), pp. 1446–1452, 2014. (Type: Journal Article | BibTeX)
2. Hägglund, Carl; Zeltzer, Gabriel; Ruiz, Ricardo; Thomann, Isabell; Lee, Han-Bo-Ram; Brongersma, Mark L; Bent, Stacey F: Self-assembly based plasmonic arrays tuned by atomic layer deposition for extreme visible light absorption. In: Nano letters, 13 (7), pp. 3352–3357, 2013. (Type: Journal Article | BibTeX)
3. Thomann, Isabell; Pinaud, Blaise A; Chen, Zhebo; Clemens, Bruce M; Jaramillo, Thomas F; Brongersma, Mark L: Plasmon enhanced solar-to-fuel energy conversion. In: Nano letters, 11 (8), pp. 3440–3446, 2011. (Type: Journal Article | BibTeX)

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