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1. Hryciw, Aaron C; Kekatpure, Rohan D; Yerci, Selçuk; Negro, Luca Dal; Brongersma, Mark L: Thermo-optic tuning of erbium-doped amorphous silicon nitride microdisk resonators. In: Applied Physics Letters, 98 (4), pp. 041102, 2011. (Type: Journal Article | BibTeX)
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11. Tewary, Anuranjita; Kekatpure, Rohan D; Brongersma, Mark L: Controlling defect and Si nanoparticle luminescence from silicon oxynitride films with CO 2 laser annealing. In: Applied physics letters, 88 (9), pp. 093114–093114, 2006. (Type: Journal Article | BibTeX)
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