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1. Pala, Ragip A; Liu, John SQ; Barnard, Edward S; Askarov, Daulet; Garnett, Erik C; Fan, Shanhui; Brongersma, Mark L: Optimization of non-periodic plasmonic light-trapping layers for thin-film solar cells. In: Nature communications, 4 , 2013. (Type: Journal Article | BibTeX)
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9. Kekatpure, Rohan D; Hryciw, Aaron C; Barnard, Edward S; Brongersma, Mark L: Solving dielectric and plasmonic waveguide dispersion relations on a pocket calculator. In: Optics express, 17 (26), pp. 24112–24129, 2009. (Type: Journal Article | BibTeX)
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12. Verslegers, Lieven; Catrysse, Peter B; Yu, Zongfu; White, Justin S; Barnard, Edward S; Brongersma, Mark L; Fan, Shanhui: Planar lenses based on nanoscale slit arrays in a metallic film. In: Nano letters, 9 (1), pp. 235–238, 2008. (Type: Journal Article | BibTeX)
13. Barnard, Edward S; White, Justin S; Chandran, Anu; Brongersma, Mark L: Spectral properties of plasmonic resonator antennas. In: Optics express, 16 (21), pp. 16529–16537, 2008. (Type: Journal Article | BibTeX)

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