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David Schoen, Aaron Holsteen, Mark Brongersma

Probing the electrical switching of a memristive optical antenna by STEM EELS (Journal Article)

Nat. Commun. 7, 12162 (2016)

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Toon Coenen, David Schoen, Benjamin Brenny, Albert Polman, Mark Brongersma

Combined electron energy-loss and cathodoluminescence spectroscopy on individual and composite plasmonic nanostructures (Journal Article)

Phys. Rev. B 93, 195429 (2016)

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Soo Jin Kim, Junghyun Park, Majid Esfandyarpour, Emanuele Francesco Pecora, Pieter Kik, Mark Brongersma

Superabsorbing, artificial metal films constructed from semiconductor nanoantennas (Journal Article)

Nano Lett. 16, 3801 (2016)

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Elhanan Maguid, Igor Yulevich, Dekel Veksler, Vladimir Kleiner, Mark Brongersma, Erez Hasman

Photonic spin-controlled multifunctional shared-aperture antenna array (Journal Article)

Science 352, 1202 (2016)

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Junghyun Park, Ju-Hyung Kang, Xiaoge Liu, Mark Brongersma

Electrically tunable epsilon-near-zero (ENZ) metafilm absorbers (Journal Article)

Sci. Rep. 5, 15754 (2015)

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Toon Coenen, David Schoen, Sander Mann, Said Rodriguez, Benjamin Brenny, Albert Polman, Mark Brongersma

Nanoscale spatial coherent control over the modal excitation of a coupled plasmonic resonator system (Journal Article)

Nano Lett. 1511, 7666-7670 (2015)

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Masashi Miyata, Aaron Holsteen, Yusuke Nagasaki, Mark Brongersma, Junichi Takahara

Gap plasmon resonance in a suspended plasmonic nanowire coupled to a metallic substrate (Journal Article)

Nano Lett. 158, 5609–5616 (2015)

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Soo Jin Kim, Pengyu Fan, Ju-Hyung Kang, Mark Brongersma

Creating semiconductor metafilms with designer absorption spectra (Journal Article)

Nat. Commun. 6, 7591 (2015)

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David Sukhdeo, Donguk Nam, Ju-Hyung Kang, Mark Brongersma, Krishna Saraswat

Bandgap-customizable germanium using lithographically determined biaxial tensile strain for silicon-compatible optoelectronics (Journal Article)

Opt. Express 2313, 16740-16749 (2015)

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Ju Hyung Nam, Farzaneh Afshinmanesh, Donguk Nam, Woo Shik Jung, Theodore Kamins, Mark Brongersma, Krishna Saraswat

Monolithic integration of germanium-on-insulator p-i-n photodetector on silicon (Journal Article)

Opt. Express 2312, 15816-15823 (2015)

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Hongtao Yuan, Xiaoge Liu, Farzaneh Afshinmanesh, Wei Li, Gang Xu, Jie Sun, Biao Lian, Alberto Curto, Guojun Ye, Yasuyuki Hikita, others

Polarization-sensitive broadband photodetector using a black phosphorus vertical p-n junction (Journal Article)

Nature Nanotech. 10, 707-713 (2015)

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Hamidreza Chalabi, Erez Hasman, Mark Brongersma

Effect of shape in near-field thermal transfer for periodic structures (Journal Article)

Phys. Rev. B 9117, 174304 (2015)

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Junghyun Park, Ju-Hyung Kang, Soo Jin Kim, Erez Hasman, Mark Brongersma

Tuning optical absorption in an ultrathin lossy film by use of metallic metamaterial mirror (Journal Article)

IEEE Photon. Technol. Lett. 2715, 1617-1620 (2015)

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Junghyun Park, Soo Jin Kim, Mark Brongersma

Condition for unity absorption in an ultrathin and highly lossy film in a Gires-Tournois interferometer configuration (Journal Article)

Opt. Lett. 409, 1960-1963 (2015)

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Vrinda Thareja, Ju-Hyung Kang, Hongtao Yuan, Kaveh Milaninia, Harold Hwang, Yi Cui, Pieter Kik, Mark Brongersma

Electrically tunable coherent optical absorption in graphene with ion gel (Journal Article)

Nano Lett. 153, 1570-1576 (2015)

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Ho-Seok Ee, Ju-Hyung Kang, Mark Brongersma, Min-Kyo Seo

Shape-dependent light scattering properties of subwavelength silicon nanoblocks (Journal Article)

Nano Lett. 153, 1759-1765 (2015)

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Steve Park, Soo Jin Kim, Ji Hyun Nam, Gregory Pitner, Tae Hoon Lee, Alexander Ayzner, Huiliang Wang, Scott Fong, Michael Vosgueritchian, Young Jun Park, others

Significant enhancement of infrared photodetector sensitivity using a semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotube/C60 phototransistor (Journal Article)

Adv. Mater. 274, 759-765 (2015)

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Ju Hyung Nam, Sabri Alkis, Donguk Nam, Farzaneh Afshinmanesh, Jaewoo Shim, Jin-Hong Park, Mark Brongersma, Ali Kemal Okyay, Theodore Kamins, Krishna Saraswat

Lateral overgrowth of germanium for monolithic integration of germanium-on-insulator on silicon (Journal Article)

J. Cryst. Growth 416, 21-27 (2015)

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Mark Brongersma, Naomi Halas, Peter Nordlander

Plasmon-induced hot carrier science and technology (Journal Article)

Nature Nanotech. 10, 25-34 (2015)

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Hamidreza Chalabi, Erez Hasman, Mark Brongersma

Near-field radiative thermal transfer between a nanostructured periodic material and a planar substrate (Journal Article)

Phys. Rev. B 91, 014302 (2015)

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David Schoen, Ashwin Atre, Aitzol Garcia-Etxarri, Jennifer Dionne, Mark Brongersma

Probing complex reflection coefficients in one dimensional surface plasmon polariton waveguides and cavities using STEM EELS (Journal Article)

Nano Lett. 151, 120-126 (2015)

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Hamidreza Chalabi, Erez Hasman, Mark Brongersma

An ab-initio coupled mode theory for near field radiative thermal transfer (Journal Article)

Optics express 2224, 30032–30046 (2014)


Junghyun Park, Ju-Hyung Kang, Alok Vasudev, David Schoen, Hwi Kim, Erez Hasman, Mark Brongersma

Omnidirectional Near-Unity Absorption in an Ultrathin Planar Semiconductor Layer on a Metal Substrate (Journal Article)

ACS Photonics 19, 812–821 (2014)


Farzaneh Afshinmanesh, Alberto Curto, Kaveh Milaninia, Niek van Hulst, Mark Brongersma

Transparent metallic fractal electrodes for semiconductor devices (Journal Article)

Nano letters 149, 5068–5074 (2014)


Dianmin Lin, Pengyu Fan, Erez Hasman, Mark Brongersma

Dielectric gradient metasurface optical elements (Journal Article)

science 3456194, 298–302 (2014)


Majid Esfandyarpour, Erik Garnett, Yi Cui, Michael McGehee, Mark Brongersma

Metamaterial mirrors in optoelectronic devices (Journal Article)

Nature nanotechnology 97, 542–547 (2014)


Mark Brongersma, Yi Cui, Shanhui Fan

Light management for photovoltaics using high-index nanostructures (Journal Article)

Nature materials 135, 451–460 (2014)


Pengyu Fan, Zongfu Yu, Shanhui Fan, Mark Brongersma

Optical Fano resonance of an individual semiconductor nanostructure (Journal Article)

Nature materials (2014)


Kevin CY Huang, Min-Kyo Seo, Tomas Sarmiento, Yijie Huo, James Harris, Mark Brongersma

Electrically driven subwavelength optical nanocircuits (Journal Article)

Nature Photonics 83, 244–249 (2014)


Soo Jin Kim, Isabell Thomann, Junghyun Park, Ju-Hyung Kang, Alok Vasudev, Mark Brongersma

Light trapping for solar fuel generation with Mie resonances (Journal Article)

Nano letters 143, 1446–1452 (2014)


Hamidreza Chalabi, David Schoen, Mark Brongersma

Hot-electron photodetection with a plasmonic nanostripe antenna (Journal Article)

Nano letters 143, 1374–1380 (2014)


Patrick Landreman, Mark Brongersma

Deep-Subwavelength Semiconductor Nanowire Surface Plasmon Polariton Couplers (Journal Article)

Nano letters 142, 429–434 (2014)


Xiaoge Liu, Junghyun Park, Ju-Hyung Kang, Hongtao Yuan, Yi Cui, Harold Hwang, Mark Brongersma

Quantification and impact of nonparabolicity of the conduction band of indium tin oxide on its plasmonic properties (Journal Article)

Applied Physics Letters 10518, 181117 (2014)


Donguk Nam, Ju-Hyung Kang, Mark Brongersma, Krishna Saraswat

Observation of improved minority carrier lifetimes in high-quality Ge-on-insulator using time-resolved photoluminescence (Journal Article)

Optics letters 3921, 6205–6208 (2014)


Donguk Nam, David Sukhdeo, Swastik Gupta, Ju-Hyung Kang, Mark Brongersma, Krishna Saraswat

Study of carrier statistics in uniaxially strained Ge for a low-threshold Ge laser (Journal Article)

Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, IEEE Journal of 204, 16–22 (2014)


David Sukhdeo, Donguk Nam, Ju-Hyung Kang, Mark Brongersma, Krishna Saraswat

Direct bandgap germanium-on-silicon inferred from 5.7%< 100> uniaxial tensile strain [Invited] (Journal Article)

Photonics Research 23, A8–A13 (2014)


Sonia Buckley, Marina Radulaski, Jan Petykiewicz, Konstantinos Lagoudakis, Ju-Hyung Kang, Mark Brongersma, Klaus Biermann, Jelena Vučković

Second-Harmonic Generation in GaAs Photonic Crystal Cavities in (111) B and (001) Crystal Orientations (Journal Article)

ACS Photonics 16, 516–523 (2014)



Fatemeh Sadat Minaye Hashemi, Shruti Thombare, Anna Fontcuberta i Morral, Mark Brongersma, Paul McIntyre

Effects of surface oxide formation on germanium nanowire band-edge photoluminescence (Journal Article)

Applied Physics Letters 10225, 251122 (2013)


Alok Vasudev, Ju-Hyung Kang, Junghyun Park, Xiaoge Liu, Mark Brongersma

Electro-optical modulation of a silicon waveguide with an “epsilon-near-zero” material (Journal Article)

Optics express 2122, 26387–26397 (2013)


Xinpeng Huang, Mark Brongersma

Compact aperiodic metallic groove arrays for unidirectional launching of surface plasmons (Journal Article)

Nano letters 1311, 5420–5424 (2013)


Soo Jin Kim, George Margulis, Seung-Bum Rim, Mark Brongersma, Michael McGehee, Peter Peumans

Geometric light trapping with a V-trap for efficient organic solar cells (Journal Article)

Optics express 21103, A305–A312 (2013)


Hamidreza Chalabi, Mark Brongersma

Plasmonics: Harvest season for hot electrons (Journal Article)

Nature nanotechnology 84, 229–230 (2013)


Ragip Pala, John SQ Liu, Edward Barnard, Daulet Askarov, Erik Garnett, Shanhui Fan, Mark Brongersma

Optimization of non-periodic plasmonic light-trapping layers for thin-film solar cells (Journal Article)

Nature communications 4(2013)


Pengyu Fan, Kevin CY Huang, Linyou Cao, Mark Brongersma

Redesigning photodetector electrodes as an optical antenna (Journal Article)

Nano letters 132, 392–396 (2013)


Carl Hägglund, Gabriel Zeltzer, Ricardo Ruiz, Isabell Thomann, Han-Bo-Ram Lee, Mark Brongersma, Stacey Bent

Self-assembly based plasmonic arrays tuned by atomic layer deposition for extreme visible light absorption (Journal Article)

Nano letters 137, 3352–3357 (2013)


Donguk Nam, David Sukhdeo, Ju-Hyung Kang, Jan Petykiewicz, Jae Hyung Lee, Woo Shik Jung, Jelena Vučković, Mark Brongersma, Krishna Saraswat

Strain-induced pseudoheterostructure nanowires confining carriers at room temperature with nanoscale-tunable band profiles (Journal Article)

Nano letters 137, 3118–3123 (2013)



Pengyu Fan, Uday Chettiar, Linyou Cao, Farzaneh Afshinmanesh, Nader Engheta, Mark Brongersma

An invisible metal-semiconductor photodetector (Journal Article)

Nature Photonics 66, 380–385 (2012)


Pengyu Fan, Carlo Colombo, Kevin CY Huang, Peter Krogstrup, Jesper NygaÌŠrd, Anna Fontcuberta i Morral, Mark Brongersma

An electrically-driven GaAs nanowire surface plasmon source (Journal Article)

Nano letters 129, 4943–4947 (2012)


Kevin CY Huang, Min-Kyo Seo, Yijie Huo, Tomas Sarmiento, James Harris, Mark Brongersma

Antenna electrodes for controlling electroluminescence (Journal Article)

Nature communications 3, 1005 (2012)


Yoko Kawamura, Kevin CY Huang, Shruti Thombare, Shu Hu, Marika Gunji, Toyofumi Ishikawa, Mark Brongersma, Kohei Itoh, Paul McIntyre

Direct-gap photoluminescence from germanium nanowires (Journal Article)

Physical Review B 863, 035306 (2012)


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